This is the 52nd issue of the “Business and Life Column.”  This means that this issue celebrates our first anniversary; we celebrate and give thanks!  We are thankful to Mr. Tim Durand, Managing Director of DNO for affording us the opportunity to be part of the DNO family.  We are thankful for you, the readers, those who post, email and/or call in with comments.   I thank my staff, family and some close friends who provide the support and encouragement to keep going, who step in to allow me the time to complete the articles.  I thank God for providing the opportunity and the gift to take advantage of the opportunity.  I give thanks and I am thankful.


In the past year, we covered topics ranging from governance to career resilience to customer service as well as paid tributes and gave recognition.   This Column does not generate many comments, however, I know that people read it based on feedback I received in person and via my personal email or phone calls.  I embraced the comments, and made changes where needed.  Some of the articles I expected to generate a lot of interests did not, and some I thought would not, were the ones, which generated the most interests.


The past year writing the Business and Life Column has been a wonderful one.  I cherish the opportunity to share my views and to be part of the discourse on a variety of topics.  Some weeks the topics came easily, others it is difficult to choose and a few times, a topic just would not come!  It is not that I had nothing to write about, but on a few weeks, I just could not settle on anything.  Some weeks the words came easily; other weeks, I struggled to get them to flow coherently.  However, I persevered.  I did not give up.  I am happy I did.


Even as I write this article, an article I thought where words would just flow, the words are difficult to come by!  And I marvel at that!  How can words fail me when I talking about my first anniversary as a columnist!  Incredible!


As I begin the second year as a Columnist, I think of new ways of making the column interesting and educational.  I hope to do some features in the second year of persons in various walks of life.  I also hope to look at some topics such as wedding preparations, interior decorating, choosing a contractor and what to look for when securing a mortgage.  I remain open to suggestions and welcome your suggestions on topics you would like covered or persons featured.


I never envisaged myself as a columnist, and this demonstrates that if we are open to the possibilities, we can be much more than we envisaged.  It also confirms that what God has in store for us is much more than we can ever envisaged.   It shows that we have to be able to step out of our comfort zone, and embrace the change that is beckoning.  It speaks to stepping out in faith, confident that where God’s fingers are pointing, He has already made the way, and that we have what it takes to succeed.  It speaks to being open to other’s advice and trusting your wisdom to make the right decisions for you.


As I end this week’s article, I say a Hearty Congratulations to the Dominica Association of Administrative Professionals on the success of Administrative Professionals’ Week.  Administrative Professionals are key players in all organsiations, often serving as the key gatekeepers to the CEO and other influential persons.  I urge them to continue striving for excellence, recognising that excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude, to embrace change and to possess the right attitude.  After all, “Attitude is Everything!”


Happy First Anniversary Business & Life Column!!  We pray God’s continued Blessings and wish you many more years of educating and enlightening the reading public, encouraging them to be their best selves!



I can be reached at info@vfinc.org or at Tel: 767 449 9649.


Until we meet again may God continue to Keep Us in the Palm of His Hands.

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