Happy Easter!  I love Easter.  I have so many happy childhood memories of Easter.  The scent of cocoa tea with Bay Leaf wafting up the stairs, “Showdoe,” new dress, shoes and bag, Easter eggs and kite flying.  I remember my brothers spending long hours building their kites and on Easter Morning and later afternoon flying those kites at Teza.   If there were one day in the year I drink cocoa tea, it is Easter Sunday.  Just like I have not attended Mass on Good Friday if “Old Rugged Cross,” were not sang, it is not Easter Sunday, if my kitchen and home are not filled with the scent of cocoa and bay leaf!  I remember once in Coventry driving to four different churches on Good Friday until I came to a Church where that song was sang!


Easter is a time of renewal and rebirth.  A time to commemorate our Risen Lord and give thanks; for his rising signifies victory over death and our opportunity for eternal life.  I take this opportunity to wish you, my readers, an Easter Season marked by an openness and willingness to chart new paths and pray the Lord grants you Peace, Wisdom, Prosperity and he shines His Light on you and the paths you have chosen.


Today, I want to stop and salute the Sanitation Workers of the Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation, especially the ones who service the Castle Comfort area.   These workers are out in the sun or rain, holidays, Good Friday, Independence Day and even Christmas Day.  We often take them for granted and lament the many times, they have failed, however, today, I want to say a ”Special Thank You” to them.


I have over the years been impressed that these men come out, holiday or not on their scheduled day of collection.  I think of the sacrifices they make, leaving their families early in the morning and on holidays.  Last year, on November 5, Community Day of Service, they were there, December 25th, Christmas morning and the day after the heavy rains and flooding in the area, they were out.  This year on Good Friday, they were also out.  This is what prompted this salute.  These men, who selflessly serve, deserve to be recognized for their service.


This work is not easy nor is it one that many of us aspire to, yet without them, we could not live peacefully, comfortably and with good health.  They ensure that we can enjoy our homes, sit on our lawns or verandahs and enjoy the view, spend quality time with family and friends and rest easy that our homes are not breeding grounds for rats, mosquitos and other disease bearing animals or insects.  The rising cases of Chikungunya, past high incidence of dengue and a few cases of leptospirosis underscores the importance and value of the sanitation workers.


The men who service the Castle Comfort area clearly enjoy their work and take pride in what they do.  You may be asking how I came to this conclusion, especially when I speak of the latter.  I will tell you on what I have based my conclusions.  There is an easy y camaraderie among them, they work well as a team; it is almost like a dance: one goes ahead and places the bins close to the roadside or collects the garbage and gathers them in one area, the truck comes along and together with the others throw the garbage into the truck; they may issue an instruction to the driver, and then they happily go along.  They will wait on you if you call to say you have some additional garbage.


When I see these men at work, I am reminded of the Martin Luther King’s Quote, “Whatever your life work is, do it so well that no one else could do it better.   If it falls your lot to sweep streets, sweep streets as Michelangelo painted pictures, like Shakespeare wrote poetry, like Beethoven composed music.  Sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lived a great street sweeper.”


Sanitation Workers of the Dominica Solid Waste Association, particularly those servicing the Castle Comfort area, the management , supervisors and staff of the Dominica Solid Waste Association, I salute you.  Take a Bow!  I pray God’s richest blessings on you and your families and this Easter Season may it also be one of rebirth and renewal.


Happy Easter All!!


I can be contacted at or Tel # 767 449 9649.


Until we meet again, May the Lord continue to Keep Us in the Palm of His Hands.

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